10 Festive Fall Homemade Cocktails

Fall isn’t just about pumpkin spice lattes, it deserves a stiff drink to take off the edge of a long year. Whether you’re warming up around the woodstove, watching football, or enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, fall doesn’t mix with Summer favorites like screw drivers or sex on the beach. This requires classic fall flavors like cinnamon, pumpkin, and apple cider. Plus, these all pair perfectly with pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, and all of your tasty fall dishes.

Best of all? These flavorful fall cocktails may look quite fancy, but they don’t require you to be an expert bartender. Therefore, don’t be shocked when these quickly become your go-to mixed drink for the fall season.

Hot Buttered Bourbon –  A drink that is served hot and sure to warm you up on a cold evening. Adds elements of flavor to bourbon so, if you don’t usually go for bourbon you may like this mixed drink. We recommend saving the batter in the fridge for making quick drinks on cold nights. Get the recipe

Spiced Apple Rum Punch –  A big batch of rum filled goodness is perfect for holiday dinners, football game parties, and just sipping throughout the week. It’s made in 5 minutes and the only ingredients are juice, ginger beer, and rum. Get the recipe

Nutty Apple Martini – For those martini lovers out there, this is a fall spin on the classic martini we’ve all come to love. Replace the plain vodka for pecan infused vodka and mix with apple cider, spices, and a hint of maple syrup. Get the recipe

 Fall Dark and Stormy – Easily turn your warm weather dark and stormy into a fall variation by replacing the rum with bourbon. This will give it the warm, oak barrel, and golden taste of fall. Additionally, mixing in apples and cinnamon elevates this drink to another level. Get the recipe

Candy Corn Vodka Cocktail – Who ever said Halloween was only for kids? Parents can enjoy Halloween by taking off the edge with this Halloween spirit and it’s perfect for Halloween parties. Get the recipe

Pumpkin Pie Mimosa – Mimosa’s are a spring and summer favorite. However, fall is pumpkin season and this recipe gives your typical mimosa a big fall taste! Perfect for sipping with brunch or while making Thanksgiving dinner with family. Get the recipe

Caramel Pear Cider – If you are looking for something sweet and you are a fan of cider, look no further. It has a double shot of cider with apple and pear and served hot making it perfect for enjoying on those cold nights. Get the recipe

Autumn Harvest Fall Sangria –  For sangria lovers this is Autumn inspired spin classic sangria. Includes apple cider, pear brandy cinnamon syrup, chopped fruits, and cinnamon sticks. Easily to make large batches for long nights of housewarming fun. Get the recipe

Cider Mulled Wine –  A simple recipe that packs a great fall taste. Also, you probably already have a lot of the ingredients on hand. Served hot so not only the alcohol is helping warm you up. Get the recipe

Spiked Hot Chocolate – Who ever said hot chocolate was just for kids or was non-alcoholic? This classic warm drink is quickly a favorite at gatherings when a shot or two or three of liquor is added. Ideal for cold evenings that require a little extra to keep you warm. Get the recipe

Spiked Apple Cider –  It’s impossible to have a list of fall mixed drinks without the quintessential fall cocktail, that is spiked apple cider. Packs tons of flavor and we recommend using fresh cider and quality rum to add the best flavor. Can be served hot or cold. Get the recipe

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